Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Club Packs of Creepy

I get hit on at Costco.  Sort of.  I sound like I have a bit of an ego problem but I can tell when someones reaction to me is friendlier that what would be typical.  There are two cashiers working at the store whose greetings are rivalled only by those of my German Shepherd, so I feel in my right to assume that these guys are quite happy to see me.

One cashier is merely super-duper friendly, while the other one actually reached out and touched my arm during one visit, which is creepy and totally unacceptable by my standards. A third cashier thought it appropriate to comment on my hair, which makes him a contender for this club that I'm forming, but I'm giving him a free pass for now because my hair is always in need of validation.

My dad doesn't have a Costco membership, so whenever he visits we make a point of going there such that he can load up on razor blades, cereal, and whatever else he's into at the time.  On our most recent shopping expedition, I noticed that I was just part of a trend.

My dad was chatting up a woman who was about my age who had about 20 apple pies in her cart.  He was trying to be cute by inviting himself to the apple pie party that she was clearly throwing.  She handled this quite gracefully until I interrupted  them by apologizing and steering him away from her.  "He sometimes wanders away from the home", I offered. My dad seemed undaunted.

Next came the woman with the clipboard and red vest, who seems to have the job of observing the cashiers.  "How are you today, sir?" she asked my dad.

"Couldn't be better!", he replied and then launched into a spiel about why life is so great.

He mentioned her as we were walking out to the car.  "That girl looked very exotic, don't you think?"

They must be putting something in the free samples.