Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obsession and Name Calling

My mom is known for her obsession with getting things done.  She isn't as bad as Dolores Herbig's character on  Dead Like Me, and doesn't have a webcam such that everyone can observe her completing mundane tasks around her house, but she would give Dolores a run for her money.  If an appliance breaks, my mom is out the door to buy a new one within five minutes of it breaking.  When the laundry cycle ends, those clothes are folded and put away before anyone has a chance to bitch about doing laundry.  When I lived with her, I recall a few occasions where the newspaper was thrown in recycling before 10am, and before I had a chance to read it.  Don't even talk to me about what waiting in line at a restaurant does to her.

My mom is aware of this quirk, and accepts that it is the subject of mockery within our family.

Just after Christmas, my mom and I both went to a rug store to take advantage of a sale. Since we were both in need of an area rug, it made sense to buy them together, hoping for an even better deal.  We each made a purchase, but neither of our rugs were in stock.  The plan was to wait for both rugs to arrive at the store, and pick them up in one trip.

My mom's rug was ready first.  She really wanted to have it in her hands.  I encouraged her to wait until mine was ready, which would have been a few days later.  She couldn't deal with that.  She announced that she would just go get hers on her own that day.

"Mom,", I began, "You really need to try to get this obsession under control!  It's just going to get worse and worse as you get older.  I actually think that it has already started!"

"Well,", she replied, "If that theory is true, by the time you're old, you're likely to be the biggest bitch on the planet!"

Now was that called for???


  1. It wasn't called for....but I have to admt I did laugh aloud!!! So glad to have found you online again!