Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kinda Gross

Back in the summer, I noticed that my dog was having an issue with her nose.  It appeared that she was shedding a partial layer of it over one nostril.  The piece fell off, then I noticed it happening again a few weeks later.  Naturally I Dr. Googled my way onto a page that discussed canine nose cancer, which landed us at the vet's office.

"Whoa!", exclaimed the doctor.  "Check out these boogers!"

Really? Boogers.  They ought to ban medical information from the Internet.

Anyhow, a few months later, the booger phenomenon continued, so we dealt with the canine tooth below the snotty nostril, and treated it for an infection.  The boogers kept coming.

Recently we did a swab of that nostril, and guess what?  Strep.  Yep.  Strep.  Not strep confined to dogs only.  Strep that a dog can give humans.  We got her medicated right away, and didn't worry a great deal about ourselves since we had been living with this for months, and no one had been affected.

I guess it's the power of suggestion or something, but boy did I have a nice round of strep throat over the week-end.

So let's do a tally.  I ended up with strep throat twice in the past year.  Once right after a massage therapist remarked to me about her having strep lady parts, and now once right after discovering that my dog has strep nose.  I am currently on medication for strep dog nose.  Think about that.

If you happen have strep in any weird places, please don't tell me about it.  I seem vulnerable to these things.

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  1. Wow strep...good to know.

    Our dog had Giardia in the fall and I was convinced that I had it too.
    Needless to say, I was FREAKed out.
    who knew that not only do we have to run around picking up their warm poop in a bag, but that we can catch gross diseases from them too?

    but they are worth it. right?