Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gratitude Journal Episode 1

For a good stretch of time this year, I had a thing going on with three friends where we would each send out a list of our top three things that we were grateful for that day.  It was just for fun, and also to assist each other in appreciating the little things in life.  We stopped because of summer laziness or something, but I miss it.  I also have had some funny ones that never manifested themselves into print because I wasn't sure if the others still wanted my lists.  You want them though, right?  Here's the best of today:

Prune Juice!  Total magic!  (now you know why I held back)  I have never needed help in the digestive department before but something has been up lately and I had to do something.

I decided to give prune juice a try based on the testament of my good friend who has had such problems since I met her in Jr. high school.  She pretty much kept prune juice in a vial around her neck, brought it with her to slumber parties, and became famous for drinking it when she worked in a summer resort one year.  She probably invented a new mixed drink with it as well.

Anyhow, I chugged a glass of it yesterday, and hoped for the best.

This morning I had an appointment at 10:30 and then planned to drive home.  It was on the drive home when I realized that my experiment was a success.  Pity about being in transit though.  I was certain that I was not going to make it home, so I found myself pulling into my absolute favourite shopping mall, despite my plan to have a quiet day at home.

All went well in the ladies room, although I'm not sure any of the other ladies would agree.  I couldn't believe how great I was feeling afterwards and actually bothered to send a message to my prune juice friend to thank her for being there in spirit with me.  I'm sure that she appreciated the interruption in her work day for that.

Then I took a look around and realized that I was at my favourite mall.  The Universe loves me.


  1. LOL there you go. Relieved in a few ways :)

  2. so funny...glad the prune juice worked it's magic.