Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I put a fair bit of value on having good hair.  Mine is naturally curly, and I pretty much learned how to make it look nice at the young age of 32.  Ever since then, I stopped wearing baseball caps, pony tails, banana clips, you name it.  Now I always make an effort to leave the house with good hair.  (although I would still like to bring back the banana clip if I could only find a good supply of them)

As of this year, I have become a pool owner.  Leading up to the completion of the pool, I was actually giving thought to the hair issue. I wasn't sure if I was going to still style my hair each morning given the likelihood of my hair coming 'un-done' in the water.  And what if I needed to zip out after a morning swim, but prior to an afternoon swim?  Would I fix my hair in between?  Would I always be able to predict when I'd be going swimming?  Good hair vs. carefree swimming; quite the conundrum, dontcha think?

This past week-end was the inaugural swim-fest at my house.  It was a long week-end, so my family spent the better part of three amazing days turning into prunes while we enjoyed the new addition to our yard.  But there were some points in time when I had to step out.  There were people to feed and shopping to be done.

So did Stacy and Clinton's ten years of training stick?

NO!  I didn't even swim today and I was at the grocery store in a baseball cap and minimal make-up.  Worse yet, over the week-end when I had guests here, I was all mu-mu and big floppy hat.

So that's my look now.  I'm either a frumpy 12 year old boy, or if you catch me at home, Mrs. Roper.

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  1. I was a swim Instructor/lifeguard for many years of my life. During that time I had long hair which I put up in braids, buns, pig tails, and ponytails! I always liked that better than short hair. I still find short hair much harder to take care of. Boy do I miss Swimming!