Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When in Doubt, Ask the Experts

Every year I go on a week-end trip with an amazing group of ladies.  On the Saturday night of this trip, there is always a theme party.   This year's theme is ...  People of Walmart!!!!!  This is the first year that I've felt inspired enough to participate.  So much to work with here!

I have a feeling that I won't exactly be an original given that my outfit is a common variation of showing too much unflattering skin in ill-fitted clothing, but I'm putting some creative energy into it to be somewhat of a stand-out.

After assembling myself in what I believed to be my outfit, I felt somewhat disappointed with my cleavage.  On any given day, there is no disappointment in this area, but I was kind of looking for something a little more 'Katy Perry', and less 'middle-aged mother of two'.  So I did what anyone would do.  I took to the Internet, braving a search that could quite possibly have scarred my innocent little eyes.

My eyes lived to tell the tale, and I am now just a purchase of medical tape away from the look I so desire.  And I owe it all to the trannys on YouTube.  Thanks guys!  You know your stuff!


  1. welcome back!
    nice to have my daily chuckle back....

  2. Ha! Surely you'll post pictures of the party! Too great. :)